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Bill Lewis was one of the legendary Medway Poets Group along with Billy Childish, Sexton Ming, Charles Thomson and Rob Earl.

He has performed his poems in Europe, Latin America and North  America and has been published in magazines, journals and anthologies all over the world. Some of his poems have been translated into French, Spanish, Italian and his short stories into German.  Silvia Pio translated his poems into Italian and they have been published in the online Magazine Margutte

In December 2020 Silvia Pio published three more of Bill's poems in 'The Tree Project'.

In addition, Lewis has been broadcast on television and radio on both sides of the Atlantic and has carried out readings, workshops and lectures at Literary Festivals (including the  International Cambridge Poetry Festival), hospitals, prisons, schools and universities and he was the first Writer-in-Residence at the Brighton Festival (1985).

Lewis was one of the original 13 founder members of the Stuckist  Movement. He has since gone on to disseminate the ideas and theories that have emerged from Remodernism.

He has exhibited his paintings in various galleries in Paris, London, Berlin, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Kentucky and was featured in the 'Punk Victorian'  exhibition at the Walker Gallery, Liverpool.

In 2017 Lewis become a founder member of COLONY: A Community of Artists.

More information on Wikipedia.

Bill Lewis talks about his art in a series of YouTube clips filmed by Ella Guru:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Read about Bill Lewis in Richard Bledsoe's article for 'Remodern Review'

To see Bill Lewis reading some of his poems please visit the 'Bill Lewis Channel' on youtube and the 'Colony: A Community of Artists Channel' on youtube.

All these clips are by  film director Jonathan Henkel and are part of an on-going project which will  result in a documentary about Bill Lewis and the Remodernist movement.

There are some of Bill's poems in the Journal of Mythic Arts Poetry Archive (Endicott Studio). 

Bill Lewis won the Award for Literature in at the 2012 Medway Culture and Design Awards.





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