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What people have said about Bill Lewis

"Bill Lewis's wide-ranging, truthful, plain speaking work demonstrates the strengths of a profound connection and attachment to place."
- Peter Straub

"Bill Lewis has the true soul of a poet (and not in a bullshitty way of some poets I could name) I love the mix of biography, personal folklore, shadow projection, symbolism, reportage ... inspirational stuff."
- Graham Joyce (Author of 'A Kind Of Fairy Tale' and 'The Tooth Fairy')

"The poet of the Paradigm Shift." 

- Martin Espada - Academy of American Poets

"Bill Lewis is an innovator of language ... Magically real ... I love his storytelling."  
- Claribel Alegria

"Most impressive."

- Alan Sillitoe

"... vitality, wit, playfulness and a willingness to experiment"
- D M Thomas (Author of 'The White Hotel)

"A shaman with words" 

- Terri Windling

"Dynamic, witty, passionate and compassionate"

- Sydney Carter

"A spiritual ambassador for those on the margins of existence ... he keeps open the ways of integrity and beauty in a darkening world" 

- Caitlin Matthews

"The living stuff of the land itself, from the roots of which he draws sustenance and fuel for his work"
- John Matthews

"Bill Lewis is effortlessly stylish.  He writes, paints and performs with ferocious energy ... the character and charisma of a genius"

- Sarah Hehir (Award winning Playwright)

"When I look at the paintings of Bill Lewis, and read his poetry, I think of Magic Realism.  Not just as a literary convention, but in the context of looking through the mundane and seeing the miraculous underpinnings of it all.  It is a gratifying experience to see the world as he presents it"
- Richard Bledsoe (writing in the Remodern Review)

" ... represents the resurfacing of a serious talent who combines the high literary with popular culture in a manner which is as delightful as it is approachable. Great stuff."          
- Steve Spence (writing for Litter Magazine)

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